Thursday, February 20, 2014

Rocket Stove Mass Heaters - Zero Carbon Footprint!

The Beauty and Benefits of Rocket Stove Mass Heaters

Rocket stove mass heaters have been around for over 30 years, and their growing in popularity. A superior heating alternative to the standard wood burning stove (conventional wood stove), fireplace, electric heaters, furnaces, and with a much more creative and personalized design.

mass rocket stove

Some quick highlights and benefits of rocket stove mass heaters:
  1. Zero Carbon Footprint
  2. Exhaust is virtually nothing more then steam and CO2
  3. Utilizes 80 to 90 percent less wood (fuel)
  4. Contained heat can last for days
  5. Average build cost under $50.00
  6. Projected build time less then 2 days (average handy person)

Material Lists for building basic Rocket Heaters
  1. Fire Bricks
  2. Stove pipe or furnace duct work (straight lengths and flex elbows)
  3. High temperature thermometer
  4. 30, 50 or 55 Gallon Drum (size depends on size of heater being built)
  5. Sand, Clay and Perlite
  6. Straw (for cob) Great article on making and building with cob. Making Cob 101

Most of these materials should be able to be located either for cheap from local scrapyards, recyclers, or hardward stores.


How To...

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  1. Another variation of the Russian Fireplace. The Russian Fireplace just uses bricks. Lots of them. Like this, the fuel source is small twigs or splintered wood, like this it is a low opening and the flue is like a dragon's back, up and down, up and down, heating the mass of brick it passes thru until it leaves spent. Believe it or not no masonry is used, just stacked brick. The heated stack stays warm for hours like this project.

  2. Rocket stove mass heaters have been around for over 30 years, ...